• Network Systems
  1. IT Infrastructure Deployment
  2. LAN, WLAN and WAN
  3. Data Center Configuration

As a team with strong back ground in IT and especially in Networking and Data Center, HorizonTech understands the overall requirement and has knowhow and the proficiency for commissioning a Data Center to any enterprise. Our core business is in the area of IT infrastructure and this enables us to understand how datacenter work. Our team has years of experience in the area and had vast individual career experience in Aviation Industry and Telecommunication, prior we have formed this team; as a result we can provide state of the art network and datacenter and implement them in high secured environment for seamless operation.

  • ICT technical support
  1. Regular Visit (Out sourced)

Where in an organization whether an IT officer is available or not, we provide proactive and preventive maintenance by scheduling regular visit time.  By providing regularly scheduled IT support to your company’s all available computers, server(s), laptops, LAN, WI-FI, hardware including  peripheral devices and software, at your office(s) we will ensure the benefits of your organization by contributing our own part by preserving the functionality and efficiency of the entire ICT infrastructure.

2. External IT Support (Hardware and Heavy Duty Office Machines Maintenance and Servicing)

Where in an organization an IT Officer(s) or IT Department is available, we provide an external support. We, HORIZONTECH, are specialists on board level repairing and maintenances of Power Supplies, Motherboards of laptops, desktops, servers, printers, UPSs and Heavy duty office machines with a complete Service by adhering the manufacturer’s service manual and procedure.

  • Sales- Sales of Computers (Laptops and Desktops), UPS and other Accessories, Toner Cartridge and other replaceable Items
  • Integrated Management Systems Solutions and consultancy and Online Applications
  • Website Development and Graphics Designs
  • Trainings (Basic and advanced programs)- Information Security Essential Awareness courses