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Horizontech is a young Ethiopian technology and organizational communications company with roots in the aviation, organizational communications and international development sectors. Since its establishment in 2011, Horizontech has provided ICT and organizational communications solutions to a large number of organizations in the private, commercial, non-profit and public sectors.

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No ambiguity on our coding. Clean codes for high performance.

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IT infrastructure deployment typically involves defining the sequence of operations or steps, often referred to as a deployment plan, that must be carried to deliver changes into a target system environment.

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Network System

Your unpredictability is accepted with our system

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APIs & Payment API

Platform independent- viable accross all devices.

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Developing EVD Systems

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Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)

Our human resource management instantly provide any employee with their pay slips, vacation and leaves credits, and/or any other additional Information the employee may need.

Project Management Systems

Project Management System will give you the ability to assign each employee to the company running project, while monitoring those projects status and time consumption.

Leave and Attendance Management System with Multi-Biometric Attendance Machine

This will give your HR Department the ability to track employee’s daily attendance, recording regular work, overtime, vacation, sick leaves and any other leave for the whole payroll period

Accounting Systems

These systems are designed to facilitate the job of your accountant as well as keep up to date with your companies finances.

Efficient and Secure E-commerce and Web Portals

Our system will support the activities of purchasing product, analyzing sales trends and onhand inventory availability as well as liquidation of product for wholesale, distributors, ecommerce retail and manufacturing companies.

Education and E-learning, College ERP Systems

Our E-learning and ERP systems will enhance your teaching or training effectivness by insuring that you can provide all the resources students require.

Payroll Systems

Our Payroll system provide the you with the easiest way to manage your payroll so that you can handle your employees payment with hassle.

Healthcare & Hospital Management System

Our healthcare and hospital management system provides the clearest view of your hospital's operations and flawless automation of daily administrive tasks

Financial Management System

Our financial Management System will help you oversee and govern your income, expenses, and assets with the objectives of maximizing profits and ensuring sustainability.

Hotel Management System

Our intuitive Hotel Management system will automate daily operations and administrative tasks such as customer profiling and advanced booking to help you achieving customer satisfaction.

Manufacturer Control Management System

Assess the performance of your production, as well as have control over aspects of the bussiness for the productivity that you would like to see.

Property management system

Manage multiple properties and real estate with our property management system. This tool will give you the ability to manage each property's maintaince,rent and status from the comfort of your home.

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